Maria Brosnan photography | Getting Used to Being Photographed in Kew Gardens.

Getting Used to Being Photographed in Kew Gardens.

April 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Weddings can SOMETIMES be a little daunting. There can be lots of people you know, lots you don't, lots you haven't seen for ages. You have to say stuff in front of them, maybe walking down a long aisle and will most likely have to be the first ones on the dance floor. Adding being photographed to this might be a bit scary. I'm pretty un-intrusive at weddings, just giving a little gentle guidance for couple and group portraits but without being at a wedding I've photographed it's hard to know how it'll feel. 

I spent the morning with these two in Kew Gardens getting them used to being followed round by me and my camera in preparation for their big day. It was massively helpful for me too as I could work out how much direction they're happy with, what ways of standing seemed the most natural for them and generally getting to know what kind of pictures they like. 

It was great to get to know them a little better and hearing about their wedding plans, looking forward to meeting their friends and family very soon! 
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