Maria Brosnan photography | First Birthday Family Photographs.

First Birthday Family Photographs.

March 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

EalingFamilyPortraitPhotographer-2EalingFamilyPortraitPhotographer-2 (Maria) Why did you decide to book the photo session? 

We wanted to celebrate our son's birthday but he's only one so we didn't want a big party. I thought we'd spend the money on pictures. Also I did my own newborn shoot and while they are nice and not bad for an amateur, they are missing that photographer's eye and understanding of light. 

I saw the newborn pictures and they are really nice. He looks really cute. How did you feel in the morning before having the photos taken? 

Felt ok, you had let me know what to prep so that was helpful. As we were doing our own props I was just trying to get them ready. 

I really enjoyed the session, it was lovely seeing the park you chose and you were all great in front of the camera but what was it like for you? 

The session was really good, you were a pleasure to work with and a natural with the baby. You listened when I had a particular idea and you tried to make that happen. In contrast I liked that you were constantly scouting the environment looking for good set ups rather than being completely led by us. 

What are you going to do with the photos? 

We've ordered some prints and we will get some later for others. 

Some prints were included in the session fee but they had already bought some frames of different sizes so we adapted the package to accommodate these.

Any advice for people thinking about having a photo session? 

Yes, have one. Lol. Also think about what end pieces you want. Where will you want the photos and how big they will be, aspect ratio etc. Which are things you suggested to and was very helpful. 


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I've recently added sturdy 'mounted prints' to my session package as something for people who want something between a standard photographic print and a framed print. If I've taken any photos for you before I had made this option available, email me at if you'd like to order something a little like this. They come with a white easel stand and a flat attachable hook so they can be displayed on a shelf, desk, mantlepiece or hung straight on the wall. Standard prints are still available too so get in touch asap if you've got something in mind that we can get posted in time for a certain special Sunday coming up. 

Have a nice day! 


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