Maria Brosnan photography | Featured Photography; 'The Line, Ealing'

Featured Photography; 'The Line, Ealing'

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I get embarrassingly excited whenever I see my pictures in print. This time one of them is the front cover AND the pictures are credited so I'm pretty much a pain to be around. There are copies going through letterboxes and dotted around Ealing so have a little look. There's good stuff going on in our little corner of London. 

I didn't think this would be the one they chose for the Doll House Museum article but it is. The owner is a wonderful person and has so many stories. She'd had an eye operation the day before but it didn't phase her at all. She complimented me on my posture which made my day. Secret Ealing, The Doll House Museum.Secret Ealing, The Doll House Museum. I had to stand on a box for this one. Graham's flowers are beautiful and he was really kind to a customer just before we left.  EB Flowers.EB Flowers. The Style LIst (there are a few here that aren't mine). The dangerous thing is that I want at least half of these things and they're all from Ealing.  The Style ListThe Style List The glamourous reality of product photography:  Product Photography PullbackProduct Photography Pullback The cover was the frame samples at 'For Arts Sake', as you can see it got a bit frowny. Thanks Kate for capturing me wearing two coats indoors..  For Arts Sake, Cover of 'The Line' Ealing.For Arts Sake, Cover of 'The Line' Ealing.



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