Maria Brosnan photography | What to expect from your portrait session.

What to expect from your portrait session.

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For whatever reason you need a picture of yourself where there isn't a glass of wine in your hand, there's nothing drawn on your face and no one is giving you bunny ears, drop me an email.

I have a plain black or white background that I can bring to you if you prefer but most of the time the pictures with the more natural background are the favourites. If you have a location in mind I can meet you there or you can let me know what you have in mind and I'll try to think of where might work best. 

I photographed my own head shots and I found that I didn't need many. I just use one across everything; my website, Facebook, Instragram, Google+, Pinterest, Linked In etc. For that reason I'm happy to take lots of pictures during the session, send an online gallery so you can choose which ones you'd like edited in high res. The session and 2 high res. images is £80. Get in touch if you need more than one person photographed or if you have something a little different in mind. 

MASSIVE thank you to Robin for giving me permission to share our favourite images from her session. She's a brilliant producer; currently working on a play that has it's last night on Sunday 13th March, the details are on her website here:

The links below are some of her past projects that I've photographed if you'd like a browse:

You get a link to an album of numbered low res images so you can choose your favourites to be edited properly and send to you in high res: 

'Ealing Portrait Photographer' 'Ealing Photographer' 'Portrait' 'Head shot' 'Head shot photography Ealing' Low res. images for selection. Low res. images for selection. This time all the pictures chosen were in colour but the 2 chosen images can be any combination of colour and black and white. 
'Ealing Photographer' 'Ealing Portrait Photographer' 'Head Shot Photographer Ealing' 'West London Photographer' Head Shot Photographer Ealing Head Shot Photographer Ealing

'Ealing Photographer' 'Ealing Portrait Photographer' 'Head Shot Photographer Ealing' 'West London Photographer' Natural Portrait Photography Ealing Natural Portrait Photography Ealing

More examples of my portraits are here:

Like what you see? My Facebook page is here: , Instagram is here: or if you just want to get in touch, email me at

Enjoy the rest of your week! 




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