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Here's my favourite photo of the bride's mum and the groom's mum from the last four weddings I've photographed. 


The house was a hive of activity that morning with lots of close friends and family around, having their hair and make-up done. The room Bianca put on her dress and veil was a lot quieter. This was her mum  just after she came into the room and saw her daughter all dressed up and ready to go and get married. 

mumsatweddings (1 of 9)mumsatweddings (1 of 9)

During the wedding breakfast, when the guests clinked their glasses, the bride and groom had to stand on their chairs and kiss and every time the guests stamped their feet, they had to go under the table and kiss. I took Bianca and Anthony away for their newly wed portraits so Anthony's parents did all the kissing in their absence. This photo was taken just after that.  mumsatweddings (2 of 9)mumsatweddings (2 of 9)

This is Michal's mum outside Ruth's house before we all left for church. The groom's family came over and both sets of parents said a part of a blessing. It was inspired by a Polish tradition I had never heard of before. I like this photo because I don't usually see the groom and his family on the day of the ceremony until we get to the venue. mumsatweddings (3 of 9)mumsatweddings (3 of 9)

I like this one because Ruth's mum looks so calm and happy. When I photograph weddings, I take pictures of the bride and her dad outside, then I quickly go inside, adjust my cameras, take a few pictures of people waiting for them to come in. Sometimes the lighting in churches can be a bit tricky but from this picture I could see that the ceremony was going to be perfectly lit.  mumsatweddings (4 of 9)mumsatweddings (4 of 9)

This is Charlotte's mum being zipped into her dress. I really like this picture as I have an almost identical one of her daughter being fastened into her wedding dress. I can see so much of Charlotte in her mum's facial expression.  mumsatweddings (5 of 9)mumsatweddings (5 of 9)

 This is Graham and his mum having a bit of a hug before the speeches. I like this photo because it's so natural and colourful. Graham looked so happy with his new wife on one side and his mum on the other and his mum looks so proud. mumsatweddings (6 of 9)mumsatweddings (6 of 9)

 I met Marianna's mum for the first time that morning, I had arrived at her house with Nicky's mum. It's an Italian tradition that the groom's mum brings the bride's bouquet to her house and collects the groom's corsage. This was just after the bride got to the church.  mumsatweddings (7 of 9)mumsatweddings (7 of 9)

This is Nicky's mum in the purple, saying a prayer during the wedding ceremony. I really like this photo of her because you can tell everyone is listening and if you know the family, you can spot seven of her children around her. I take group photos separately but I love it when a group photo happens naturally like this.  mums2 (1 of 1)mums2 (1 of 1)



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