Maria Brosnan photography | Rain won't ruin your day.

Rain won't ruin your day.

February 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday was the last day of Trinidad Carnival 2015. Sadly the February weather here is a bit less carnival friendly so we have to wait until August to have ours in Notting Hill.  Last year it poured down all day and instead of turning the music off and going home, the masqueraders stormed the parade route right to the end. 


When the forecast is set for rain for a client's wedding, I remember that good atmosphere and how happy everyone was, despite the downpours. A little rain won't ruin the day or the photos but get someone to bring an emergency umbrella, just incase! The Umbrella Shop has a wide range to suit a variety of tastes that won't break the bank but might look nicer than the one your dad's been keeping in the back of his car. 


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