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I've just finished making a new website for my wedding and portrait photography business. I really liked my old one but the idea of the new one is to make it a bit more informative, easier to navigate and more relevant to the work I love doing.

To work out what I wanted it to look like I bought some magazines; some wedding ones, parent and child ones and a home one. I looked through and cut out anything that caught my eye. I got a book and made two mood boards, one for children's portraits and one for weddings and I stuck in anything from the magazines that looked like a photo I'd be proud to have taken, I'd put in an album or on my wall. I basically made a physical Pintrest board.

I found out a few things:

1. The flowers and clothes are mostly beige, pale pink and navy.
2. I wasn't drawn to many monochrome or black and white pictures.
3. The pictures I like most are the ones where someone is looking away or facing away from the camera. I didn't really get a feeling that they were smiling especially for the photo, apart from in some of the group photos.
4. Not many of the portraits were taken in front of a plain, white background; the house, garden or venue gives them a context.

All of these things are really useful, not just for my website but they've also given me a lot to think about when I take pictures in the future.

A few couples I meet have a clear idea of what they want their wedding to look like. Some find the world of bouquets, corsages, favours and table settings a bit daunting. 


If you're not sure what you're going for, make a mood board that you're really happy with. Any time you're choosing flowers etc. keep the mood board near and imagine what they would look like in there, if they would fit, get them! 

Next week's post will be about shopping locally for Valentine's Day. 


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