Maria Brosnan photography | Analogue Photography Sessions.

Best for low pressure, relaxed situations, mostly outdoors or with plenty of light. 

Great for engagement sessions, family sessions and lifestyle sessions for products. 

Here's a bit of feedback from an analogue film session with a recent client:

'With digital you can look at the pictures afterwards and go ''oh no my eyes were closed let's do another one!'' But on film it's that whole excitement of ''oooooooo I wonder how they're going to look!'' And I know you get the odd one that isn't perfect but that makes it all that much more natural!' 

We can't wait to show everyone the pictures! We were so excited wondering what they would look like and now we've seen them we can't wait to share them with our family and friends and shout about how amazing it was having film photos :)

You're so friendly and nice to be around that we felt relaxed and even though neither of us really had any experience of being on camera before you made us feel very comfortable with it :)'