Event Photography, a family engagement in Wembley; North West London.

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BanglesGod bless our home. bangle organisation TextingTextingThe fiancee to be gets a text from her fiancee to be. WaitingWaitingWaiting outside with his family for his fiancee to be in her garden in Wembley, North West London. First lookFirst lookShe comes out to find her fiancee to be and his family in her garden. first lookfirst lookHe sees his fiancee to be. The happy coupleThe happy coupleThey greet each other in her garden in Wembley, North West London. Garden swing.Garden swing.Laughing PrayersPrayersThe couple and their family say some prayers. He takes her handHe takes her handHe takes her hand, ready to propose. Will you marry me?Will you marry me?He asks her to marry him. He proposed.He proposed.Excitement and laughter after the proposal. The newly engaged coupleThe newly engaged coupleThe newly engaged couple pose for a photograph in Wembley; North West London. Dancing.Dancing.The bride to be's brother and cousin do a dance. Gifts.Gifts.Both their siblings printed and framed the same picture, completely by coincidence. The photographs.The photographs.They show each other their gifts.

A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph a Muslim engagement in Wembley. I wasn't really sure what that would involve so I asked loads of questions, brought a whole load of kit and made my way there. 

I arrived early so the bride-to-be's brother drove me to where she was getting her hair done. Then we went back to her house and she finished getting ready. 

I met her husband-to-be outside as he arrived with his family. They went into the garden and then the bride-to-be and her family came outside too. 

We took a lot of group photos then we went inside and said some prayers. The groom-to-be got down on one knee and asked the bride-to-be to marry him. She said yes and everyone congratulated them, took pictures and exchanged gifts. 

It was such a pleasure to be let into such a personal occasion and I'm so grateful to the family for allowing me to share the pictures. 

Hair by Veena Patel at http://www.shaadini.com


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