Wedding, Portrait, Event, Product photography.












My favourite photos are taken in real places that have meaning to the people in them. 

People look how they look in real life but in a flattering way; not massively posed or manipulated. 



At weddings the most common feedback I get is that I've hardly been noticed, however, years of teaching taught me to take control of a crowd when I need to. 



Kids will be kids, forcing them to sit and smile isn't that appealing to me or them so family/children's portrait sessions take a little longer than adult ones but they're definitely worth it when we see the results. 



I'm pretty good at weaving around and I've got kit for avoiding flash in pretty low light so whether it's a family party, a music event, a business launch or a bridal shower, you can get some lovely photos without the event being about the photos. 



If you have some products that need photographing or a business that needs to show a little of what you're up to, I'll work with you via email, phone or Pinterest boards to see what kind of look you have in mind before setting up a shoot. 


If any of this is what you're after, drop me an email at

I usually respond within two working days even if it's just to say it's something I can't do, so if you don't receive a response check your spam folder.